What fills your mind?

What fills your mind? The answer is in your writing. The written word is a window into your skull. Words are more of a portal than the eyes, which unknowingly give up their clues. The written word—inscribed, revised, and published—is a deliberate record of the workings of a mind, fed by the wellspring of a spirit.

The written word will outlast us, in obscurity if nowhere else. Thoughts frozen in time by transcription preserve us to an extent, and I believe this to be the secret hope of every author. To have our words read during our lifetime is success. To have them pondered after our passing is a legacy.

What fills your mind? What conclusions might the interested observer draw of you? The evidence of what you are you have left on the written page. The inquisitive will track words like the sign a hunter follows to his quarry. What fascinates you that you must write of it and share what lies inside your thoughts?

Did you write for profit? Did you relate experience? Did you speak of ideas, events, or people? Did passion lead you to the keyboard? Did you make a difference? Why did you write, and why on the subject that you chose? Is there darkness or light inside you?

I write to answer the questions I find waiting in the world. The greater the application of the question, the more it demands an answer. Great questions yield equally great opportunity to effect change, if the answer finds a home. To edify another makes me useful.

Take care of what you allow to fill your mind. The content of the mind shapes us, and through us, the world we traverse. We will leave it better or worse in our passing. Ideas are wonderful and dangerous, for they originate action. Of those ideas and acts, others may write just as you have, and the cycle will continue.

You are part of a whole, and your purpose is set depending on the content of your character. What fills your mind?

Choose to Love, -DA


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