How do I feel?

As of this writing, The Anvil of the Craftsman Kindle edition is awaiting review via Kindle Direct Publishing. CreateSpace files for the AOTC paperback are also under review and in all likelihood the site will allow me to order the second proof copy in the morning. Smashwords and Barnes & Noble placement will follow.

Beta input is in and solid. Some of positive feedback from my first novel was touching, and left me humbled. I used to think that I was good with words until I came to a place where a simple “Thank You” was not nearly enough.

I chose to pursue excellence in the written word, and to comport myself as a person of faith should in the process. I am satisfied with the result, regardless of the incredible amount of work it has taken to get to this evening.

Three months spent writing the first draft. Nine more consumed by editing and revision to produce a snag-free manuscript. One solid year of free time spent doing and learning everything needed to form a small business and self-publish my first novel.

How does it feel? I am exhausted. I am exhilarated. I am proud, and at the same time I know that I was merely the one sitting at the keyboard when this work came into the world. Yes, we act, but more important is the One who acts through us, the Craftsman working slowly and well in the world to bring about His own ends.

Soon, after the retailing web pages are set up and settled in, the process of overcoming obscurity will begin. After a time I will hopefully know as much regarding the marketing of a novel as I have learned over the course of the last year about producing one.

How do I feel? Alive:  to do is to be. Awed:  by the thought that Homer wrote his Iliad in the eighth century before Christ, and his thoughts, frozen in time by transcription, still have the power to affect people to this day. Writing, after all, has the potential to allow part of what we are to survive our time in this plane, and to an extent preserves us in a world we must one day leave. That is, I believe, the secret hope of any author.

I am anxious to do it all again. Most of all, I am so very thankful for the gift of words. Thank you for those, Lord. Please use them to your Glory.

Choose to Love, -DA


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