The first review is in!

The first review for The Anvil of the Craftsman (five stars) has been posted on Amazon, which is as much of a Christmas present as I could have hoped for. Needless to say, I am thrilled. To read the words is humbling, more so since the reader seems to have captured the essence of the novel in a way that I could not in many revisions of the description. The comment appears below in its entirety.

“I find it hard to consider this a debut work. The story and its telling show the polish of experience yet retain the genuineness of one’s best effort. I found myself identifying with the different aspects of the characters. They were all believable, yet unique and interesting enough to hold my focus.

The action moves nicely, yet is paced in a way to encourage the reader to develop a moral and emotional construct for that action.

The work can be likened to Tom Clancy and Joel C. Rosenberg, yet it seemed to take off with less of a lag. In contrast, Amidei manages to integrate the characters’ personal theologies in a way that causes the reader to examine his own. Far from being preachy, the work initiates thought and conversation. It is less about emotion than about meaning.

I am glad to be one of the first to read this author. I suspect there will be future works by Amidei, and I look forward to them. With time, other writings will be compared to his.

The novel will not disappoint.”

That is what we set out to do a year ago. Now back to the crafting of words, the expectations of which have been set. We will do what we can.

Merry Christmas! -DA


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