What are you doing right now?

I am not sure if you have noticed, but I tend to not waste time splashing around in the kiddy pool of ideas. My style is making a beeline for the deep blue water. The bigger the question the better I like it, and the more compelled I feel to address the thing.

As my character Jon Anthony says in the upcoming novel The Britteridge Heresy to think about life is also to consider its end game. One should think life through from beginning to end as a program of living deliberately.

So what are you doing with your allotted time? Too many people treat it as an accident. They trip through day after day. Time slips away, and it is too soon apparent that time slipped away is lost forever. So is time an end in itself? No. It is merely the ticking of a metronome, the whip-by of mile markers on your journey. A life is not your time.

Much of the world is too rooted in tending basic survival needs to devote any time to philosophizing. We live in a comfortable society prone to indulgence and complacency, divorced from the bitter realities that have occupied the great majority of humanity before the present era. Are the acts of survival life? Again, no. It is evidence of having found fuel for the fire, and a sign that you are not yet finished living.

Your work is not your life, evidenced by the number of people who complain in their workplace of not having one. One can find purpose there, if so blessed. See otherwise the comment above on survival needs.

Children and family are not your life. They are the ones who will carry on, and it is easy to see your life as the foundation of that. It is a reflection of God’s work in progress, and so is beautiful to watch, as is all of His work.

The product of life is not your time, nor your living. It is not your occupations or distractions. Nor is it your enthusiasms or your involvement with the ones you love or the ones you have lost.

The result of your days is the journey of a soul:  the eternal spark of life that God brought forth from within Himself without diminishing at all. He charged you to tend it through your time, until you return to the Source, and your ellipse is closed. That act of seeing illuminates all of the other duties and pleasures and opportunities of each day in the proper perspective.

Carry on as if you matter. You have an infinite worth to your Craftsman.

Choose to Love, -DA


2 responses to “What are you doing right now?

  1. Wow, you’ve NO idea just how much I needed to hear this tonight Dale. Been kind of rough of late, and I needed the reminder that He values me even when I don’t value myself. Indeed we are here for His purpose. Thanks for the reminder Dale.

  2. “The dark threads are as useful in the Weaver’s skillful hand as the threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned.” Carry on, K!

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