The Sequel

As the main edit for The Britteridge Heresy nears completion, I find myself compelled to compare and contrast my debut and second novels. Heresy features returning characters from The Anvil of the Craftsman, plus a new cast of its own.

Perhaps my Single Candle Press editress put it best when she observed that Anvil is Mozart to Heresy’s Aerosmith. We look forward to beta reading for the sequel, as she is of the opinion that my second effort will be impossible for its readers to put down.

My favorite aspect of The Britteridge Heresy is the opportunity to feature strong female characters. The first novel, largely set in a Muslim country, did not realistically allow for the placement of significant women actors in the storyline. The Assistant Secretary of Near Eastern Affairs played the most prominent role, other than Farrah, in whose house the State Department team sheltered during their trip to Anbar.

Largely, Heresy takes place in the United States. It features Mary Kelly, who is Jon Anthony’s neighbor, Deborah Vosse, a liberal news anchor, and returning character Christie Wilt, Jon’s college friend, among others. Rest assured that none of these are women with whom you should trifle.

The characters established in Anvil, U.S. Army General Peter McAllen, as well as everyone’s favorite U.S. Air Force alpha male and the State Department’s Bernie Schuster, return to the fore. With their help, Heresy moves more quickly toward “An Evening to Remember.” I guarantee this to be one chapter that will live up to its title.

My mission as an author, reflected in the stated goal of Single Candle Press, is to present faith and traditional values in mainstream fiction. Once again, we have done that neatly through the main narrative character, Jon Anthony. He deals with questions of sexuality and social definition that arise during the course of the novel. In addition, he continues to bring the power of his faith to bear against the forces of hate that target him.

The Britteridge Heresy is an adventure, and a testimony to the power of integrity and character in a world that often seems to despise both. It is indeed rock and roll, a non-stop ride through a landscape of counter-terror operations and intrigue. Along the way, you will meet new characters and see familiar ones in a different light. In the end, I hope that you will find it difficult to imagine life without them, just as I have.

Choose to Love, -DA

2 responses to “The Sequel

  1. The anvil of craftsman was a great read ..Impossiible to put down. I have told all my friends to read this gripping story..I felt like I wàs there in person during all the battles..Give me more books like this one

  2. Thank you so much, Don. We now have a publication date for “Heresy” set for Aug. 29, 2012. For info on other works in progress, check my sites at or on Facebook. Glad you’re out there!

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