SCP Editing

The following is an interesting summary of the quality control procedures here at Single Candle Press. These processes are a collaboration between the SCP Editress and myself:

Editing covers one chapter at a time in order to replicate as closely as possible the reader experience. No reading ahead is allowed.

A. The initial read-through establishes the feel of the chapter. No markups occur at this point.

B. The second read-through moves slowly to absorb details and to better understand plot points that may have been unclear the first time through. No markups occur, but mental notes are made concerning passages that may need more attention.

C. Primary editing is undertaken one scene at a time. Focus is on grammar, paragraph structure and achieving a varied sentence structure. Before starting, the scene is scanned for paragraph structural variety. Changes are applied in economical fashion. Within a paragraph, sentence structure also scanned in similar fashion to assure structural variety. Grammar is edited following standards from the Purdue OWL, then, then the Chicago Manual of Style. When in doubt, avoiding reader confusion wins out.

D. Word checks are completed scene by scene. Word use, compound words, and word combinations involving hyphen or comma use are confirmed. Definitions and spelling are checked if necessary.

E. Research. This involves the confirmation of anything (name, event, date, etc.) Continuity and time synchronization issues are resolved. Any potential edits that remain unresolved are finalized.

F. Final read-through is done in one sitting of the entire chapter at normal reading speed. A scan is conducted for repeated words or ideas. Final edits are marked. The chapter is initialed and dated.

G. The title is then given an audio proofread.

H. Electronic formatting follows, allowing a device emulator proofread.

I. Paperback formatting follows, with a review of the entire hard copy proof.

J. Beta reading emphasizes error reporting via [anomaly] near [searchable phrase] and includes the return of a feedback form.

K. Correcting discovered post-publication errors. Some day—I swear—this step will be unnecessary.

Two titles and twenty-seven five-star reviews in a row later, I am beginning to think that we are on to something. “Killing Doctor Jon” is due out in March, God willing, and we will see.

Choose to Love. -DA


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