Vince Flynn—Remembered

Writers of Political Fiction are flying their colors at half-staff this week as a memorial to Vince Flynn, author of a dynamic series of novels that continue to hold the attention of his fan base. His titles are familiar here, as they were always and doubtless will continue to be constant occupants in the top listings of the genre we share.

Vince Flynn—whose journey, by the way, began with self-publishing—pleased his audience. His achievement is reflected in his rankings in Amazon Best Sellers, but just as significant and more laudable is his residence in Amazon Top Rated. As of this writing, Mr. Flynn’s titles occupy seven of the Top Twenty slots by customer ranking.

It is good writing that will be remembered. Literature endures past the span of its author. Writing well grants a legacy of remembrance that travels past the point in time where one’s children will grow old and pass on in their own journey. There is a secret promise in the crafting of words … one that offers an opportunity to endure. Thoughts frozen in time by transcription carry forward the mind of their author, and hold a chance for that much immortality at least. We still read Homer nearly three millennia later, and we do so because he chose to write.

Vince Flynn did so as well, and his results speak for themselves. Congratulations, sir. You used what time you were granted to its best effect, which is as much as any of us can hope to do.

Choose to Love, -DA


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