The Joy of Text

As I write this, Novel5/Boone1 “Absinthe and Chocolate” is 37 percent complete in primary editing. Other than conceiving, constructing and actually writing the thing, this is the most difficult work and the greatest investment of time in producing a title for Single Candle Press. Main edit is also the most trying to wait out, as it proceeds at a part-time pace during whatever time the Editress manages to allocate.

She and I have ever been complementary opposites making up the yin and yang of our relationship. In revision as elsewhere, where I am creative, she is conventional. Where I am sometimes impulsive, she maintains our true horizon. When one doubts, the other is strong. So it is that we maintain a cohesive and balanced forward momentum.

Following her idiom, every premise stands examined; every statement of fact was researched, and any issues discovered were raised in content edit prior to this point. Now—sentence by paragraph by scene by chapter—the language and presentation of a novel I envisioned is being perfected. The goal is what I term a “snag-free” read, one that achieves immersion without the distraction of inelegant execution or an implausible scenario. It’s what we do, to whatever end.

We have been together for the majority of our lives. Coalescing out of that span, a true sense of purpose seems to have appeared in Single Candle Press. It is embodied in our mission statement: “To present faith and traditional values in mainstream fiction.”

With no television here inside the Perimeter, cats are the most likely source of spontaneous entertainment. When the Editress is not working, eating, at exercise or sleeping, she undertakes the polish of eighty-three thousand words with a dedication and enthusiasm heartening in ways difficult for even an author to describe.

Today marks twenty-four months since the Year in the Chair—my time dedicated to the production of fiction—began. What followed is seen in retrospect as the Year of Dark and Cold. In that interval, we were re-purposed to return here to the place we always called home, and resettle in a turn of events neither of us expected. My own resumption of external employment is finalizing, and with it I expect the slow climb back up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to that summit where self-actualizing creativity can produce a tenth novel.

All of these things, rather than being done by one of us or the other, instead have been and are being done together. SCP is a partnership that grew out of another we have enjoyed for more than thirty years. With a finish line nowhere in sight, the efforts of the moment yet consume our passion and attention. Faith holds forth the promise that it will be so always, and in that hope we amass the true treasure of this house.

Choose to Love, -DA

2 responses to “The Joy of Text

  1. karenmcfarland

    Sounds like the editress completes and polishes you in more ways than one. A true sign of a good marriage. No, I take that back. It is a sign of a great marriage. I speak from experience since my hubby and I have been together for almost forty years. Congratulations on the anniversary of the “Year in the Chair” Dale! You deserve it! 🙂

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