Boom / Boone

Well, as for the initial order of business, the lead portion of the title says it all. The previous days have seen a not-unexpected spectacular response to features by subscription email sites BookBub and The Midlist on July 17. It so happens in my case to have been a providential coincidence that both happened on the same day. This fortunate circumstance resulted in the distribution of one-hundred-fifty percent as many copies of my first novel, The Anvil of the Craftsman, as in the two and half years since the novel first appeared.

Across all venues, downloads totaled nearly twenty-three thousand seven hundred, a total exceeding the average for free BookBub listings in Christian Fiction by roughly twenty percent. The visibility has resulted in a wonderful number of new reviews as well. I appreciate every one.

To new readers just now discovering the Dale Amide universe, let me say welcome! I hope you enjoy my work enough to consider continuing on with the series through your paid patronage. I promise a ride you will not forget.


In the midst of all that excitement, the final edits to Novel5/Boone1, Absinthe and Chocolate, are coming in. The novel looks great in finished form.

As I noted previously during the Year in the Chair, writing Dr. Rebecca Boone Hildebrandt has allowed me an even greater depth of character development than I have been previously able to achieve. As a woman—a strong woman, meeting every definition of an archetypal Strong Woman Character—Boone’s emotions and vulnerabilities also let me explore the psyche of a flawed, flamboyant, courageous, awesome and admirable personality.

To be sure, Boone bears the responsibility for most of what makes her at times miserable. She finds counterbalance in her intelligence, her duty, and most of all in her love. That vital virtue, in its essence, makes any others possible. It is what carries her through the character, romance, and story line arcs of three more novels that follow Absinthe in Boone’s File.

I cannot wait to introduce you to her, but wait I must for a little while longer. Following Main Edit, we go through Audio Proof and Hard Copy Proof before external proofreading and test market reading confirm the quality expected of ourselves here at Single Candle Press.

I appreciate beyond words the patience of those who wait without knowing the woman. When Boone arrives—in September, God willing, if not before—she will make it up to you.

Choose to Love. -DA

3 responses to “Boom / Boone

  1. I’m eager to meet Boone!
    Grats on the success and serendipitous timing on Bookbub and Midlist. Fortune does, indeed favor the well prepared! It’s a simple matter of combining talent, hard work, perseverance, hard work, patience, a great story, some elbow grease, a great editor, marketing savvy, more hard work, a bit of budgeting, Christine Claire McKenzie (why not?), some very relatable and expertly written characters, and finally, a reader or two to leave a review.

    Nothing to it 😉

    Well done, sir, and well deserved. I suspect that this just the beginning of the beginning…

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