Giving back: “Romeo Down: A Short Story” Free launch!

I’m giving back on ‪#‎VeteransDay‬. Thank you, ‪#‎Veterans‬!

Daniel Sean Ritter’s second, “Romeo Down: A Short Story” ‪ is having a #‎FREE‬ launch November 11 and 12!

Here is the blurb:
“Where does a man’s strength originate? In 1991, during the short, brutal air war above Iraq, two men unknowingly discover the same answer during an intense CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) operation.

A short story, “Romeo Down” is an account of the action resulting in the award of Daniel Sean Ritter’s first Silver Star. Alluded to in dialogue within the first novel of “Sean’s File,” “Operation Naji,” this episode stands alone as a spoiler-free companion volume to that title.

Approximately 8000 words / 30 pp. print length”

For now, “Romeo Down” is a Kindle exclusive. You can read for free anytime with Kindle Unlimited! If you’d like a review copy in EPUB, please ask ….

Romeo Down cover art

2 responses to “Giving back: “Romeo Down: A Short Story” Free launch!

  1. .I just finished reading “Romeo Down.” Since I typed the first line, I’ve been sitting here trying to describe what I think of the book. It’s hard to think of the right words. I guess I”ll just jump in. I enjoyed the book. The action was fast and almost non-stop. The little bit of off-action was interesting so we could see how exhausting, frustrating, etc their jobs are. I didn’t know half the terms used about the guns or planes, but I kind of slid past those and moved on. I understand why they were included. Other people who do know also read your books and they need to know that YOU know. Ha. Did you understand that run-on? Anyway, I liked the book and am going to look for your previous books and want to see more of Sean’s Files.

    • Thank you for reading, Ann! Daniel Sean Ritter is the only character to appear in every one of my novels, so he is easy to find. I appreciate your enthusiasm and taking time to comment.

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