Why Boone?

I’m not sure, really. The good Doctor appeared nearly fully formed in my mind sometime before finishing Sean Ritter’s first dedicated novel, Operation Naji. She was a red-haired woman drinking alone in a hotel room, and it became my task to discover why. Her character and her story followed quickly and wonderfully during my Year in the Chair of writing full time.

As I need to remind readers and colleagues from time to time, I am not my characters. I embody neither the patience or grace of Jon Anthony, nor do I possess the heroism and steadfastness of Daniel Sean Ritter. I certainly am not Boone, with her Mensa-level quotient and unflagging spirit. So why is she here?

Not even creatives understand creativity, and perhaps seeking to understand the process would alter it irrevocably. I’m content to consider myself a channel for these storylines, and take them as my muse wishes to impart the things. Certainly, this was about having things to say, otherwise the million-plus words written so far for Single Candle Press would never have been. But I have done so, and  in my mind this is good enough.

Boone’s third, One Last Scent of Jasmine, is out and available nearly everywhere, as you will find linked in the sidebar and below. Her contest with elements of our government is 96,000-plus words of Level Zero action for the Office of the Director of National Security (ODNI). The implications of her dilemmas are relevant to the present day, and her struggle to balance duty and the other foundational considerations of her evolving perspective is an admirable effort, to say the least.

The title is the best to date of both hers and mine, as were her previous two in Boone’s File. I hope you will enjoy them all if you’ve not started already. Afterward, perhaps you can help me find the answer I posed as the head of this post. I suspect Boone is here because she matters in ways essential to my purpose. Such is a matter of faith in all things done for the Glory of God.

Here is the blurb:

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 In the aftermath of a midnight raid on a critical defense contractor, Boone Hildebrandt finds herself entangled in a covert plot: one meant to transfer missile defense technology to a foreign power. When a White House Senior Staffer dies, Executive Branch players become suspect in a budding case of international intrigue.

Deducing the international intelligence agency InterLynk has involved itself in negating the initiative, a Senior Advisor to the President orders the Director of National Intelligence to bring the private firm under control. The task falls to his new Senior Case Officer and on-again love interest: call her Boone.

Torn between conflicting loyalties, she is challenged to balance duty, secrets, and developing faith as events test her personal and professional fortitude. Powers romantic, domestic, and international emerge equally determined to overcome any opposition. Boone and InterLynk must press forward in a dangerous contest; in threatening the peace of the Northern Hemisphere, the stakes allow no choice other than playing to win.

Approx. 96,250 words / 330 pp. print length,

And this is the Big List of Links for Boone’s File No.3, One Last Scent of Jasmine:
KindleNookiTunesKobo – SmashwordsScribdpaperback

Choose to love, -DA


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