Transgender This

South Dakota. I was born and raised here, and (*cynicism warning) that’s probably the reason the Editress has designated me the least sentimental person she knows.

There are a number of reasons to hoist the Meh Flag over this place. For instance, our politicos—aside from a new governor who is showing some promise—largely are sheep in wolves’ clothing. We have a repulsively significant supply of Democrats and slightly larger contingent of the same who call themselves Republicans, all mixed together in what P.J. O’Rourke called A Parliament of Whores. We call the place Pierre, our state capital.

Yes, they are the folks whose twisted thinking, willingness to move beyond the concept of jurisdiction, and basic grasping covetousness brought you nationwide Internet sales tax. That’s a travesty less current, though, than their latest.

Our legislature’s most recent non-achievement is tanking a bill that would have required high school students to compete fairly against their own sex during intramural athletics. As of now, it is a matter of policy that students may adopt their own reality in regards to gender identity, and our public education system must tacitly approve their delusion. The fix failed to be reported out of the state House of Representatives on a 34-34 vote.

Those students are in school to learn about the world, not project their misconceptions onto it. Enabling transgender kink to the point of allowing biological males unfair advantage over the excellence of true female athletes comprises a fundamental failing of those to whom they have been entrusted. It is just another reason the home schooled will one day rule the world.

Someone once observed that individuals should be allowed their own opinion, but none are entitled to their own reality. The problem with those thinking otherwise is that The Way Things Are is a fixed and unalterable state. Those working the fringes according to strategies designed to move the Overton Window (look it up when you finish here) do so to advance a self-centered agenda. Those of us operating within the bounds of sanity are becoming increasingly at risk of bumping into them with virtually the same results as on a bidirectional road lacking a center divider. It’s why they are called radicals.

Society consists of people doing stuff, whose business moves most smoothly when they are in agreement on certain basic tenets. Valid premises descend from long-tested conclusions, themselves based on observation, again of The Way Things Are.

There is no such state as The Way Things Are Now. Everything sinful, virtuous, right, wrong, wholesome, and undoing exists in the same moral plane it always did. We do well or poorly generally and collectively based on how well we understand reality’s rules of cause and effect.

So, should a biological male—one meant to develop into the state of achievement called manhood—decide instead to adopt another gender identity, that does not nor will it ever make him a woman. The closest he can approach his desired state is to exist as a surgically mutilated and hormonally infused eunuch, while The Way Things Are gives not a damn about his feelings on the matter.

Consequently, neither should anyone oriented to a practical worldview. We pity the psychologically challenged, but understand that enabling delusion does not equate to love. The sin of indifference is the weakest, least enduring, and second most destructive choice in the moral tripartite it shares with love and hate. Taking the path of least resistance into passivity—or worse, becoming an enabler—violates the moral duty of testimony in love that keeps sinners away from the precipice of their folly.

The world is set as an arena of faithfulness and faithlessness. One believes in the will of its Creator to have established matters as they should be, or one does not. Scripture condemns adopting dress of the opposite gland with identical language as is used for same-sex fornication. Both violate the nature of oneself and Nature generally, and constitute another strategy the enemy uses to turn us from our intended path home.

One believes that or one does not. There is no middle ground. No The Way Things Are Now. The stances we adopt in such tests stand as our testimony as to or in denial of the intent of the Living God. Each soul believes or does not. Every one gets through the path of one life successfully or otherwise, and we are told the consequences of failure to recognize our place in the natural order are eternal. Its standards are governed by divine logic and the Craftsman’s load-balancing solution to the equation that allows Him and us to coexist in the same spiritual plane.

Excuses do not exist there. If we are wise, we should avoid them here; we need all the time granted to navigate the fog as it is. Matters made better instead of worse are the harvest of discernment. Where does a society stand once it becomes incapable of making a definitive call so evident as considering a biological male a boy, and then a man? Where does it go once a concept so vital as womanhood is diluted into merely being considered by the majority to be a self-defined perspective?

Prophesies of divine judgment notwithstanding, I for one don’t want to find out in this life, and I’m sure as hell not going to help row in that direction. Anyone may take what offense they will. All things outside their ideological bubble—in the sunshine bathing healthy minds—remain the same as they ever were, and always shall.

Choose to love, -DA

2 responses to “Transgender This

  1. Not sure how many amens I can fit, like all of them. There is one way, one God, one Savior, Jesus Christ, one Holy Spirit, and one Word, inerrant. I won’t walk away from that. I can only say, Romans 10:9-10 and then point to Every Other Scripture in both the Old and New Testaments. When God (not man) says His Word stands forever, well then. I figure that’s a promise (and a warning to those who add or decrease His words).

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