Talent on Loan from God

It was August in 1989. The Editress and I were driving to Kansas so she could begin graduate school, she in a little Dodge Omni America and I in a 12-foot U-Haul rental that contained our household. She called back to me on the Radio Shack walkie talkies we bought for the occasion and said, “There’s a guy on the radio who thinks like we do!”

We were near Kansas City, and within range of one of the first radio stations to carry Rush Limbaugh’s foray into broadcast excellence. We were so blessed for the next third of a century to benefit from what William F. Buckley called his “preternatural fluency.”

Rush validated what we knew in our hearts to be true: that ideological Americanism was indeed the apex theory of governance; that what we felt during the Reagan Years had indeed been its best expression in leadership; that the orders of loyalty to which we dedicated our daysGod, Country, and Familydemonstrated not only solid and sustainable philosophy but a faith essential to making the best of this brief span we call a life.

Rush, like John Wayne who was fated to pass on during the malaise of the Carter years, was denied the strength to see these present days through to a resurgence of the American Spirit. Nevertheless, we who remain to carry on know it will be so. When we get there, his words will continue to be a source of strength and inspiration that sees his kind through adversity to better times.

Today also brought the news, albeit a day late, of the passing of Carman Licciardello, whose ministry of Christian music inspired us through many of those same days. ‘Carman,’ as he was simply known at work, brought a charismatic flair and dynamic energy to the spreading of the Word in video works we will now have to revisit, knowing his anthology is complete.

Two more servants gaze at the stars in tonight’s sky in the company of One who knows all their names. Well done, Rush and Carman. Talent, so much talent indeed on loan from God, stands redeemed.

Choose to love, -DA

5 responses to “Talent on Loan from God

  1. We lost one of our guiding stars today 😦 Now it’s up to the rest of us.

  2. I grew up the Irish Catholic daughter of a Union Sheet Metal worker and was naturally a registered Dem because everyone I knew was and I was always told that the Dems were for the “little guy.” But by the time Rush came on in our area, I and the rest of my family who had always been serious about our faith and being pro-life, were no longer buying into the Dem’s B.S. of being “personally opposed” to abortion, especially when they shut out the last pro-life Dem, our late Gov. Robert Casey (not to be confused with his shallow, dimwitted son, our present Senator Bobby Casey). I began to listen to Rush and realized I was a Conservative! I think I’ve spent almost every afternoon for the last 30 years with him and as a result, 18 out of 21 family members are now in the Conservative tent. (Praying for the rest of the family to wake up.) We were always Conservatives but didn’t know it. Going to miss him terribly, and only wish he could have lived to see America be reclaimed.

  3. Welcome, Dale. Always good to see your thoughts on the page.

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