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Bullies and Bloodings

It’s July Fourth here: America’s Independence Day. Two hundred and forty-one years have passed since men decided they’d had enough of unjust power, derived from sources other than the consent of the governed. The founders were being bullied, and being men and women of virtue chose to handle the situation in the only pragmatic fashion.

Portions of the news media are playing the victim lately by decrying ‘bullying’ from various actors in the White House. Gravitating toward reflexive complaint stems from moral, physical, and intellectual weaknesses generally defining the political Left. Strong and capable people neither make such claims nor are they as a rule susceptible to bullying at all. Should someone try, an aggressor is likely to have the tables turned instead, as when our forefathers eventually saw the fight through to Yorktown.

Such action requires individual initiative backed by grounded values engendering the confidence to oppose and overcome an aggressor. Conviction is the foundation of character, and if not present at the onset of conflict had better develop prior to facing any critical disadvantage. As always, natural law has no court of appeal, and it’s hardly surprising that when put to it snowflakes would call for their mothers instead.

Character is not an attribute only for hard times; it should also display as much in positions of advantage as under adversity. We should not be indistinguishable from what we oppose. One would think that a political figure who could truly embody the courage, strength and dignity of the American ideal would own the political scene. Half of us, however, reside on the left side of the bell-shaped curve and are being unfortunately accommodated in policy by the ideologically irresolute, even though they are empowered in Washington. Nothing better speaks of weakness so in contrast to the strengths of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence than leaders bullied while holding the high ground.

The spirit preventing such contemptible flaccidity, as is becoming apparent, is bestowed or withdrawn as we deserve. My character and Bosnian journalist Luci Crnjak, in Novel8/Sean3 King of a Lesser Hill, observes, “There has to be some difference between what they are and what we become. How does it matter who wins, otherwise?” Once patriotism is given over to statism—and the designators of supposedly oppositional political parties lose their distinction—the only choice left to a citizenry unwilling to transition to servitude is starting over.

An American conscience will neither submit nor compromise a righteous position, which is why so much effort is being put toward degrading its definitional values. A concurrent grail of the political Left, for example, is coercing faithful public servants into violations of conscience with the mantra “Do your job!” Being ungrounded, they have no concept of conscience as a higher order of loyalty than ruling or legislation and so are making the same mistake as did Britain in the eighteenth century. We can hope this will end the same way, though the dignity of Cornwallis surrendering his sword, even if undertaken by an intermediary, is more likely this time around to be replaced by another display of screaming denial accompanied by hysterical snot bubbles.

Strengths are cultivated individually, one soul at a time, with the aid of God’s Spirit to those seeking Him with their whole heart. Are there enough of us left? The winnowing of natural law never ceases, nor does it take notice of philosophical outrage in defiance of its canon. Only another time of crisis will judge us worthy, or not, should the Lord tarry in the interim. It never has been or will be any other way.

Choose to love, -DA


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Patriot Day

Vae Obscurum is seldom used for political statements. This is a forum to talk about writing: the fiction of Single Candle Press, the processes and inspirations that bring my work about, and results calling for celebration when they occur.

Today, however, is not ordinary … nor has it been since this day in 2001. Something changed then, as history began the march from that morning to wherever it is we will find ourselves tomorrow. It was the sudden appearance of a reminder that we live in a world of actualities, tempered or strained by the character of those who populate the place.

One year ago, just such a contrast was drawn between those whose sense of duty demanded that they go to the aid of fellow citizens and their civilian leadership here at home who had drawn orders that no patriot do any such thing. The result was the Benghazi firefight. Heroes, having accomplished a mission of rescuing their wards, fought against vastly superior forces for seven hours. Some of our best inflicted mass casualties on a determined enemy, and they did so while awaiting air support and reinforcement denied them by executive fiat.

The defining moment of this tragedy was the time spent by the President and Secretary of State—then, Hillary Clinton—as the fight continued from that rooftop. Rather than attending to the needs of men in the field defending our sovereign real estate, those two instead formulated the campaign of lies attributing the incident to a spontaneous protest rather than a planned terrorist operation. So it was that lesser souls wrote into history the treason of Benghazi with pens dipped in the blood of better men.

Today is Patriot Day, designated as such to commemorate the events of twelve years ago. This year, we also remember the losses of 2012, and demand justice for those that were wronged then as well. Most of all, we should use this day to exhibit the true character of America.

The American Spirit is not the one projected by the current leadership, as the occupants of the Executive Branch and their diplomatic appointees fail to embrace the same ideals as the visionaries who defined the roles and bounds established in our Constitution. One can still find the true faith behind the walls of homes flying the Flag, in the guiding hand of a parent helping a child to place his or her hand properly over the heart, or in the salute of the Colors by those who wear one of the nation’s many uniforms with pride: American pride. Perhaps the best definition of that spirit was provided by English writer D.H. Lawrence, who observed “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

America is indeed that, and our enemies learn whenever they come. We will not be defined by the public face of embarrassment that must be endured until the Ship of State again recovers from its current list to port side. Today serves a warning alongside the remembrances of the morning of September Eleventh.

To whom it may concern: this remains a world of actualities. To dismiss America’s resiliency, while distracted by the spectacle of folly presented via those who fail to embrace the essential strengths of this nation, has proven fatal to more than one variety of enemy in the past. Stand on the ashes of their bones, and consider the lesson offered there.

Choose to Love, -DA