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The Power of Disruption

Yesterday, the President initiated a kerfuffle in conducting an extended beating of the White House Press Corps / news conference. Many were horrified, with others just as delighted in the result. I choose not to engage in political cheerleading here, as Vae Obscurum is a place for ideas, and secondarily for promotion of where you can find more of mine. But as is evident today, many fail to understand what Donald Trump accomplished in those couple of hours, and related implications going forward. Let’s try.

The credo is: Always Cheat. Always Win.

Among the naturalistic rules regulating conflict, this is one of the more important. When winning is the objective, the means to the desired end are secondary. A fight is not a philosophy. The latter justifies in the mind action before it arises, and, as my characters often discover, either provides the strength carrying one through to a successful resolution or weights the crush of karma comprising a spectacular demise.

So why would anyone play by someone else’s rules? Often, it’s because another someone, who got there first, wishes it so. Bruce Lee once opined life to be combat, and at times he is correct. Given the essential choice between the pursuit of lame advantage and excellence, the laws of standard deviation decree a population will always split down the middle between these two camps.

There are a variety of interests to be encountered throughout the world. Self-interest is one. Ideology is another. Humanitarianism is a choice as well. One orients depending on the quality of character engaged in setting one’s priorities, choosing—as Jon Anthony proclaimed in The Anvil of the Craftsman—between love, hate, and indifference.

But once established, a solid set of values and tested beliefs need to be put into action to do anyone any good. And that’s where upright people need to be strong enough to win against the immature, idiotic, barbaric, tyrannical, and reprobative mindsets who comprise the usual suspects of their opposition.

Balance points are a subject of study in the martial arts. Centered, one stands. Taken outside the means of support, one is sometimes airborne and almost always vulnerable immediately after. It is the same everywhere conflict arises. Whether in debate, in governance, in sports, or in the pages of a novel, the same principles of stance and support apply.

Strength arises from testing the foundations of what we believe. Truth is rewarded by success, and delusion by disaster, and each outcome is inevitable subject to the long proof of time in revealing their obvious consequences.

There exist constructs—heavily defended—in society today with the sole objective of securing lame advantage. Discussions are steered and chilled by those unable to rationally defend their premise. Through rally words, social pressures, and even legislation, the effect is to produce a safe zone for indefensible thinking. Standing rules, in effect, are all they have, and once the Oz curtain drops around a pseudo-intellectual alcove, we can see the person behind it is little indeed.

So the President, a businessman rather than a politician, decided to set the rules instead. When Donald Trump showed up packing a rhetorical sledgehammer, people accustomed to previously existing parameters of the bout couldn’t handle what happened next. They were, in effect, disrupted. Antagonists were excoriated, fairness was rewarded, and lessons were learned throughout.

Deconstruction, the ultimate disrupter of a faulted premise and any equally illegitimate extensions, need to become a way of life for free people. The only rehabilitative action available to deal with untruth is rejection and reconstruction. Put off through compromise and “agreeing to disagree,” the initial dysfunction remains instead of resolves, and society continues to suffer as a result.

We are encountering disruption in America via the political process and in the presidency. That this is causing a good deal of anxiety in weak minds is, in the long term, a good thing. Reset in society may come about in two ways. One is reform, where a preponderance of adult thinking imposes order on chaos. The other is the much more painful and brutal correction of natural law, which decrees systemic collapse as the penalty for delusion before everyone begins again, regardless of affiliation.

Choose to love, -DA


In production news, the fourth title of Boone’s File, Meat for the Lion, is thirty-eight percent complete in primary editing. We are suspecting a June delivery, depending on how tax season goes. The Editress, also the Single Candle Press CFO, is given a considerable amount of leeway in scheduling. There are certain lessons one learns experiencing thirty years of marriage, and patience is one of them.


Fear, Faith, and Politics

The 2016 Election is unique for me, in that it is the first in which deciding my course of action is a matter of spiritual crisis rather than politics. Now content to consider myself a Christian first and a conservative after, I was previously aligned with Republican positions. This was a result of Ronald Reagan’s second term being my first election after reaching voting age. Those were good days, when faith and admiration in conservatism were rewarded with quantifiable gains in American culture and the economy lasting two wonderful decades.

Things were as they should be. So we thought then.

What happened, slowly, and cyclically, was the degradation of character in the children of America’s success. Affluence sired distraction culminating in the arrival of the Internet, after which it was possible to find a peer group to affirm and reinforce any level of substandard thinking.

Faith and Christian witness should have found a foothold there in the arena of ideas as well. It hasn’t, at least to prominence, and there’s a particular reason why; such can be called consensus censorship.

The sense of community enabled by long-distance collaboration discovered a powerful mechanism to avoid facing criticism of their behavior. It was for the few to assume the appearance of many, and thereby control discussion through threats, intimidation, and economic sanctioning.

Too many bought into their specious arguments and let their false premises ride. Left-think occupied cultural ground faith should have contested, and territory was lost. Defining sin was labeled intolerant by those who identify with and advocate for sinful behavior, and conversation was chilled by force. We became mired in an intimidated, secularized national culture.

Since then we’ve degraded into the nation whose choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made our democratic process a laughingstock. In this tiresome time, when many are contemplating fateful courses of action and pondering the nature of civic duty, I am reminded of a foundational premise from long ago. In this I concluded our primary concern is to deliver back to God our soul in some semblance of order after a lifetime of formative experience.

Fear will not do that, nor compromise, nor faithless pragmatism. Those are vices: grand delusions cast as a veil to guide us away from our potential and our work.

A statist Congress of one flavor or another will not save us. Neither will a Supreme Court stocked with the same affliction of compromise and willingness to consider expansive government an established paradigm. The only power able to redeem our nation is the Spirit making the longsuffering seedbed of virtue overcome the lure of vice. Easy answers, lesser evils, and incremental reduction to nominality are not and never were the path toward a better tomorrow.

It’s a time for a revival of faith in a nation in which the gift of the Spirit seems to be withdrawn. When this episode of history is over, we each will have at best held our ground, or diminished into compromise, or at worst embraced reprobative thinking and provoked predictable, disastrous consequences.

It is evident that someone is going to have to rebuild. Only those who appreciate concepts of the level, square and plum and who know how to live will prosper soon. Those precepts have been available for millennia. For as long, we’ve been presented case studies of nations who forget the God Who Is and lapse into idolatry, and the thought we live in another such epoch is sobering. Unfortunately, it is also an increasingly unavoidable conclusion.

Faith, as I’ve said elsewhere, is given to overcome fear. That gift from God allows us warn and advise while opportunity remains. Faith invites the Spirit, who brings discernment as a gift in return for our hospitality. Clarity follows, where we see God remains dominant throughout Creation, and the noisome discordance of the enemy fades in comparison to divine glory.

All is not lost with an election cycle. One need not align with Baal to hinder Moloch. Even with things as they have been before, and as they were predicted long ago, God will be glorified in the days to come. No device of the enemy, no weapon formed against His plan will prosper. The decisions of our days should reflect our sure knowledge that it is so, and that He will keep enough of his own people for Himself, if we hope to be numbered among them when this is over.

It’s a time when everyone will have the opportunity to define themselves in the ordering of their loyalties. Mine are defined: The God of Israel bought me with the blood of Christ long before I was, and better men defined the righteous and descendant principles of just governance through the American Constitution. Afterward follow my marriage and loyalties to the ones I love.

People whose perception culminates at the level of human government might see things differently than I, and it seems much of the right wing acts out in just such a way these days. Fear those as much as you do the secular leftist; in each camp is the temptation toward pragmatism that has marred humanity in the past. I’m no prophet—only someone who pays attention.

Choose to love, for the road to redemption begins there. -DA


We need a town hall discussion on Americanism. Imagine our nation as the unifying experience our Constitution was designed to provide: sans the scheming demographic manipulations of those empowering themselves through divisive identity politics, collectivist fantasies, and the soulless, modern-day slave-keeping mentality which cultivates fearful dependence.

We would indeed be one nation under God, wholly populated by citizens made Americans by their ability to define their distinctiveness, and what is unique and exceptional about each closely held national value. No one can deceive such people, because living after truth makes disingenuity obvious and abhorrent.

Imagine a population with moral strength and confidence enough to ignore ineffectual propositioning by blustering blowhards, insufferably arrogant hipsters, and utterly corrupt bags of meat masquerading as our abuela. No one could rationally aspire to make such people submit to any contrivance of tyranny.

The many successes of American society at times breed gentle people. There is a disadvantage to an unchallenging, comfortable environment, though; predators societal, ideological, and political gravitate toward those who are weak, unaware, afraid, or who have been hurt already. It is important not to project the aura of a victim; confidence one holds in being able to defend oneself on demand is an important component in avoiding the appearance of prey.

This is a difficult world, but one need not become a harsh person to live here successfully. One need only be strong. Physically, morally, socially, ideologically, and politically, edification begins in the strength of the Spirit, and that is found through valid faith. To live otherwise is to invite disaster.

If you are tracking the migrant crises across Europe—and you should be—you realize the societal embrace of multiculturalism necessarily degrades resident identity. Europe has cause to be wary of nationalism due to the conflict such generated in the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. The answer, as they are discovering, is something other than unilateral surrender of identity.

Here, our culture is Americanism, the distinct mindset advocating for citizen-controlled, constitutionally limited government. A century ago, assimilation into our culture was expected and embraced. Today, populations import for quite the opposite reason: to degrade the ideal.

Multiculturalism by design results in separate and distinct demographics rather than a unified citizenry. Statist government, then, is likely to be more successful in metastasizing to address the problems it creates. This progression sucks always more capital out of the economy to benefit most a self-defined political class seeking to entrench themselves in taxpayer-funded cush.

Embracing or rejecting Americanism is the essential choice you will make this year. One is healthy and the other horrid. We are one Supreme Court Justice away from the candle going out in this last shining city on the hill. We have only a short time to address the deficit spending set to degrade our currency into worthlessness. Fiscal irresponsibility is, in the views of some, merely another strategy to transform a once-proud nation into a population of serfs who, if they want something to eat on any given day, will follow orders.

Free people do not follow orders from their government. They do not tolerate an appointed official wielding a pretense of unconstitutional power. Instead, they return overly assumptive leaders to their place. Throughout history, at times such has manifested in a return to the private sector, a term in a correctional facility, exile, or the ignominy of an unmarked grave.

As Will Smith said in Men in Black: “Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.”




In production news, Novel8/Sean3, King of a Lesser Hill, is halfway through Content Edit, which precedes the heavy lifting of primary editing. Ritter’s experience in the maelstrom of the Bosnian civil war will, God willing, publish in late summer or early fall 2016.

Choose to Love, -DA