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The Unserious

Christians and conservatives are often accused of wanting to tell others how to live. Most often, those accusations come from demographic sectors where the least idea of how to go about doing just that is rarely in evidence.

Living proceeds from being alive in the first place, and as such, thwarting the process occupies much of the mind of the enemy to whom the work of Life is antithetical to his established goals. Dysfunction in living is delight to the spirit of anti-life. It’s at once a sick passion, an indulgence, and exemplifies in cosmic scale the short-term gratification abounding in lifestyles dedicated to diversity in the various deadly sins.

A truly vital perspective necessitates embracing the concepts of a personal God and a personal enemy, something else the dark patron spirit of the lost obscures whenever possible. Right and wrong are inseparable in clarity from the duality of life and anti-life, just as are love and hate.

Attempts can and have been made to separate morality and valid faith, of course. Doing so, however, requires a perspective convoluted enough to ignore historical realities preserved in the context and accounts of Scripture. Unfortunately, the ignorance of history is also as much a factor in the malevolent strategies now so prominent in current events as it is for the purveyors of spiritual death.

Much of human historydriven by human naturerevolves around conflict. History is a synthesis arising from the dynamic between the ambition of tyrants and its antithesis, that being the will of free folk to oppose subjugation. It’s no surprise, then, that tyrants husband the ignorant, encourage the dependent delusions of their enablers, and enfeeble intellect wherever possible. One cannot repeat history against the self-sufficient, grounded, and aware.

That’s why I left Facebook, and so should you. But again, I digress.

The political Left, absolutely the camp of anti-life on this plane, encourages thinking otherwise wherever possible. Lefties live in a house of cards built on the sand of shared delusion, which is why opposing voices there are ruthlessly silenced by any means necessary. Deconstructing a premise is more work than leftists care to undertake, and in the case of a valid premise is impossible in an arena of ideas where the ground is level.

The combined weight of woke opinions, irrational expressions of adopted identity, acculturated inherited grievance based on covetous envy, and unnatural sexual indulgence affect the actual state of being not at all, of course. The state of actuality, referenced here often as natural law, is as unaffected by consensus as it is unyielding in pronouncing its judgments of prospering initiative and collapsing folly. Natural laws incorporate their own enforcement mechanism manifesting in life or death.

So it might be that the whispering voices promoting wisdom, rather than wanting to tell us how to live, are actually interested in steering us to where life may be found. Those “stray thoughts” and “moments of clarity” are the subtly beneficial influences worth attending and the main benefit of embracing and incorporating personal faith.

Life is a serious subject, reflecting directly the Will of the Living God. Unserious people are its understandably poor students. Once one comprehends the distinction, it cannot be unseen.

Tyranny is a serious problem, enabled by unserious people. The aforementioned unserious, having been groomed to their purpose, have since been elevated to strategic positions in leadership roles well beyond their native capacity in order to promote predictable dysfunction. It’s no accident that the long supply lines of a successful economy are being broken down, that a universal and digital means of exchange is an increasing subject of discussion, and that fiat currency is being inflated past the bounds of responsible policy.

When people who have no idea how the world actually works are put in charge, it occasionally catches fire and partially burns down. Such is to the delight of both the dark patron spirit of the lost and his enthralled arsonists.

Serious problems are being fomented so that the unserious, being unable to govern to good effect in prosperous times, will absolutely clamor for effective leadership once we encounter systemic collapse. In the eyes of secular government, the more power consolidates, the more satisfying the temporary satiation of its addicts. None of this will be a surprise to those who’ve absorbed the warnings in the Revelation of John.

Does that statement tick a checkbox in your mind? Some, excessively grounded in the apparent, consider an eschatological perspective to be irrational and cultlike. Granted, until its fulfillment prophesy is a premise of theory, and like many premises vulnerable to unfounded extensions due to its sometimes intentional vagueness and often subtle context. There’s no shortage of folk, particularly on the Internet, seemingly willing to dig themselves a rabbit hole and then jump clear down to the bottom of the thing.

It could be a complete coincidence, I suppose, that after nearly four decades jointly spent in paying attention to both scholars of approaching end times and current events, I’ve not seen society do anything but march toward the days in John’s vision. Did human nature progressing to universal governance and coinciding with enabling advances in technology seem that predictable in the first century A.D.? Faith whispers otherwise.

Biblical foresight isn’t the purported secret knowledge claimed by the occult and those addicted to conspiracy theory. Judging by the fruits of life and death found in each, which we’ve already established as the universal standard of good and evil, it’s more apparent prophesy exists as a gift of wisdom and foreknowledge to those who in faith will look and listen.

Angels whisper their advice, and if you’ve heard them, you understand. If there’s a lesson I can relate after having been the conduit for fifteen novels, Ritter’s short story, and enough content here to fill another book, it’s this: dedicate yourself, and the Spirit flows. My advice is to be part of that work of life afterward, wherever it is you find it. It’s serious business, after all.

Choose to love, -DA


In production news, the Editress has completed her work on Boone’s seventh title, Two Years With Master Quan, and the novel is now undergoing external proofreading. April, God willing, will see the completion of my catalogue, growing as shall all things green and good, with Boone’s origin story as prompted by a little girl who asked. News, as always, will be heard here first.

Sister’s Shadow is Live!

With the Big Three (Kindle, Apple, and Nook) having gotten their retail pages going, we have arrived at effective Full Release for my latest effort. The final novel in Daniel Sean Ritter’s series takes him back to Bosnia, in search of closure for painful memories arising out of his time in that horrid civil war. There, a surreptitious checkup on his last living link to a lost love draws him into the web of Bosnia once more in a tale that, according to his first readers, is knocking it out of the park.

Here’s the blurb:

“Sabrina Crnjak, forever scarred by childhood tragedies arising out of the Bosnian Civil War, now uses her pain as motivation in bringing the instigators of atrocities to justice. When a former Serb defense minister is granted a shocking acquittal in the Hague, the unacceptable outcome provokes her in-depth investigation.

Soon Brina finds herself the target of forces wishing to make both Goran Kos and his pursuer simply disappear. After a lone protector appears, the conflict intensifies as evidence, secreted away years prior, threatens to reveal war criminals who would benefit from present-day inclusion in a continental economy.

With the archive vital to the survival of both sides, a deadly contest ensues. Overwhelming manpower and seemingly inexhaustible resources threaten to crush both Brina and a man whose depth of connection to her life she can only suspect … Daniel Sean Ritter.”

Ten years after he first appeared, this is his latest, possibly his best … and his last. Don’t miss it.

Amazon for the Kindle and trade paperback.
Apple for iOS devices.
Barnes and Noble for the Nook.
And Kobo for everyone else!

Choose to love, -DA


In production news, the Editress has begun Content Edit on the seventh title and series wrap of Boone’s File, a retrospective taking us back to her years in Vietnam. Specifically, Two Years with Master Quan. It will be a treat for those who’ve wondered about how she began the life we watched her lead, as told to a little girl who asked. Look for Boone to return next year!

The White Nationalist Bogeyman

Politics, as reflected in narratives thus advanced, represent the emphasis on character or the disregard thereof inherent in a given camp. Reliable people do not traffic in lies, nor do evil folk endure the examination of their values, intent, or world view generally. So far as the political Left is concerned, criticism of unsound behavior has evolved into the only real sin worthy of opposition.

Leftward-leaning premises contribute nothing to the general condition, and in fact degrade the human experience past the point where a moral being may ignore their effects. Nothingness comprising the essence to which they consign themselves—in self-focus and faithlessness—consistently manifests in the poor quality of their propositions and unsustainable supporting arguments. Lowering the standard of rhetoric as they do, typical weapons Leftists most often employ are equally dishonorable to the remainder of their creed. Scare tactics, insubstantial claims, and accusations designed to leverage emotion rather than survive critical examination are chief among those.

Distraction is another strategy to avoid the death knell of leftist ideas, only nominally deserving to be labeled thought. Likewise, redirection is another common avoidance of defending, much less conceding, fatally flawed premises. Combining these rancid techniques, to heat and stir in the cauldron of the political Left, is the foul recipe that produced today’s Democratic Party.

Dems, particularly when exploiting racial issues, need to rewrite the history of their own party and offload the righteous indignation aroused by their residually spectral aura of slave ownership. Their offenses against humanity continued even after the institution was ended, such as the atrocities perpetrated by the Ku Klux Klan—an organization founded by Southern Democrats to suppress black voting, by the way—acculturated racism and resultant segregation in the Democrat South, and their party’s consistent opposition of 1960s civil rights legislation advanced by Republicans.

Racism endured, though, and sought new advantage and embodiment in targeting the integrity of urban black families via the dependency enabled by politically-motivated social welfare spending … initiated by another Democrat, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Over generations of engineered tragedy ironically termed The Great Society, Democrats leading and feeding their dependent voters cultivated the impression that somehow the political spectrum had reversed, and the Democratic Party now holds more concern for Americans of African descent than conservatives, or particularly the GOP.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. But as we’ve seen already, the farther from the truth one deviates, the more dearly held the narratives of the left wing.

The slave-holding mentality of the twenty-first century resides in three places: the doctrines of Islam, Marxist ideology, and the modern-day Democratic Party. All three degrade the humanity of those they presume to manage out of a self-defined sense of superiority. Inflated ego arises from psychological wounds festering in compensation; the condition produces perceived privilege to direct the lives of others like an untended laceration seeps pus.

The compulsion to direct, to run the show, to make things happen is insatiable. History is replete with unfortunate examples of the affliction. The assumed divine right of kings led to colonial imperialism in prior centuries, culminating with the onset of transportation and military technologies in nineteenth-century nationalism. In the next, two great wars followed as extensions of ideology promoting national interest to the exclusion of noble considerations governing civil international behavior. The many millions who died left their survivors determined to rebuild the world in an entirely different paradigm.

So it was we arrived to the era of international cooperation, as expressed first in the failed League of Nations and afterward in the United Nations. The compulsion to direct the lives of others, always present in the shadows of human nature, assured the adoption of good ideas would afterward be run into the ground in the name of progress.

The current trend of political elites toward favoring global government is the unfortunate result. Elitism metastasized is what produces this ideological tumor.

The primary obstacle to globalized government is the strength of the social fabric expressed in a strong national culture and identity. Ideas expressed by our founding documents—of just powers derived from the consent of the governed, government as a necessary danger liable to attract those who prefer directing to serving, and promoting a shared consensus regarding moral judgments whose fruit is healthy living and an improved general condition—are anathema to globalized socialists. They’d rather stand in the ranks of like ilk currently threatening to undo the character of our stable and prosperous society.

The Left needed a bogeyman to distract, to redirect, to project as a danger in order to advance their narrative solutions. They constructed the image of the White Nationalist to fulfill all those deplorable requirements, leveraging righteous indignation felt toward unrelated and hateful ideologies such as white supremacy and white separatism.

National interest, as opposed to globalized socialism, roots in self interest. Whether one expounds the subject to the extent found in Ayn Rand’s literature is a matter of philosophy. Ms. Rand’s essential point, however, that self interest does not morally equate to selfishness, endures critical and historical examination to a greater extent than louder voices who decry the same in the name of collectivism.

National culture in the United States is a sense of integrity making borders a necessity. Bolstered by ideological Americanism into an enduring moral fabric, it’s now portrayed by those advancing the narrative of White Nationalism to be the modern equivalent of the very ideologies our opposing strengths defeated in two World Wars.

My annoyance with the political Left throwing the Nazi label at ideological Americans tests my wordsmith’s capacity to express. Nazism—a contraction of national socialism, by the way—reflects the same fascist tendencies of their camp, not mine. My father was written up for the Bronze Star after being shot at by real Nazis, not upright folk who accept the reality of adult life in which one’s behavior is subject to rational criticism. The narrative specter of White Nationalism is nothing more than a shield against being required to defend indefensible premises and mask globalizing collectivist tendencies.

Regardless, closely resembling Hitler’s ideology—now consigned to the dustbin of history—doesn’t make the political Left Nazis either, relentless as they are in assuming to occupy unearned moral high ground. They are merely whiny pursuers of lame advantage, such as is found in attempting the assignment of unwarranted guilt.

There is nothing inherently noble or suspicious in skin color, and anyone asserting otherwise is a racist regardless of their own extraction. The depths of depravity in setting aside the benefits of morality, altruism and other attributes of humanity are plumbed in exploiting divisive identity politics. Ideological Americanism was formulated to negate those dangers.

Americanism is the embrace of beneficial identity politics, incorporating and promoting virtues the political Left reject as excessively judgmental of their behavior. Like the remainder of their platform, it stems from having little idea of what works or what kills.

America descended from the valid faith of the Judeo-Christian experience, that storehouse of Things that Are Real and treasury of long-held guidelines preserved so we should have life, and live it more abundantly. The vacuous faithlessness of secularism driving globalized socialism will never satisfy the human spirit to the same extent.

Under the banner of our tribe, it’s okay to be white, or black, brown, red, or Asian. Patriotism is a virtue. Humanity should preside over one’s ideology, doctrine, or politics. Sound and thriving souls know such things a priori, without needing to be instructed.

History, not to mention natural law, harshly judges the insubstantial. Screeching demonization of the sort currently driving the political Left is propelling their camp toward a steep drop-off, and it seems little can be done to convince those deaf to the Spirit otherwise. Were it so, they wouldn’t have occupied the vehicle of their destruction in the first place … and those mandated shoulder belts and airbags won’t help much once their deficient ideology hits rock bottom.

Choose to love, -DA