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September 11, 2011—Remember Always

Revisiting this post, which originally appeared here ten years ago. Nothing at all, unfortunately, needs updating:

I remember on hearing of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center’s North Tower that it reminded me of another aircraft incident, the 1945 impact of a B-25 bomber into the Empire State Building one foggy morning. We all thought the first onslaught in the morning of September 11, 2001, a horrid accident. We kept that thought until the second impact a little more than fifteen minutes later, when it was obvious that we were under attack.

Business stopped. We crowded around a small TV in the office, watching the video of the impact on the South Tower and the horrible events afterward. People speculated about the responsible organization. Those of us who followed current events knew that it was Al Qaeda under Bin Laden’s direction, knowing what we did of the 1998 US Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. The only comment that I remember making, standing there with my tie loosened, was “You mother[censored]. You want a Holy War, that’s what you’re gonna get.”

This was not exactly an appropriate comment for someone in a government leadership position. No one ever said a thing about it, except one of the younger employees that I supervised, whose response was to look at me and say, “Dude.”

A lot has happened in the last ten years. The Peace Dividend that we had looked forward to with the end of the Cold War evaporated instantly, and the War on Terror began. The world has taken on a far different form than we expected at the beginning of the third quarter of 2001. Faith wavered, and our national will was turned by the incessantly whining voices of the Left, until they gained power. The next four years was spent by a liberal political majority gorging at the trough of the American economy. A binge of insatiable government spending wilting the economy, the crushing economic consequences of the collapse of the Left’s interference in mortgage lending, and a nation weary of the costs of war all helped in the election of the current President. Some of the most pathetic years in the history of the office have followed.

Much like the human disaster of September 11th, the economic and cultural disaster of the current administration will leave rubble in its wake. It will have other aftereffects as well. More people than ever are politically active, and the most of the energy is from the conservative, hyper-competent elements of society. Constitutional government and free-market capitalism is in resurgence, now that the antithesis has been proven by its results so unworkable. People have clear comparisons to draw and harsh lessons to remember in which political and economic philosophies produce progress and folly. The lesson is of generational scope, and soon the landscape of American politics will change, just as the world scene has changed after 9/11.

In each case enemies of freedom came at us to make us weaker and made us stronger instead. Adversity does that. It is the seedbed of character. Without circumstances to overcome, we would be complacent. Without embracing the victims of disaster, we could not experience empathy. Nobility and courage would have no opportunity to prove their worth. These are all part of the eternity of answers that are available whenever the question “How can a loving God let this happen?” is asked.

We remember, and we have tried to learn from that day. God works yet in history to bring about His own ends, and faith brings strength, while hate, faithlessness, delusion and feckless self-interest hasten our demise. We continue to hope, as generations of the faithful have throughout history. We pray that somehow— this time— the lessons will be remembered.

Choose to Love, -DA



With all respect to the day, there is production news, as the Editress has finished her efforts on Daniel Sean Ritter’s concluding novel, his return to Bosnia in Sister’s Shadow. File formatting and final quality checks are ahead before a publication date will be announced, but I anticipate a release this month, God willing. Updates here ASAP.

Patriot Day

Vae Obscurum is seldom used for political statements. This is a forum to talk about writing: the fiction of Single Candle Press, the processes and inspirations that bring my work about, and results calling for celebration when they occur.

Today, however, is not ordinary … nor has it been since this day in 2001. Something changed then, as history began the march from that morning to wherever it is we will find ourselves tomorrow. It was the sudden appearance of a reminder that we live in a world of actualities, tempered or strained by the character of those who populate the place.

One year ago, just such a contrast was drawn between those whose sense of duty demanded that they go to the aid of fellow citizens and their civilian leadership here at home who had drawn orders that no patriot do any such thing. The result was the Benghazi firefight. Heroes, having accomplished a mission of rescuing their wards, fought against vastly superior forces for seven hours. Some of our best inflicted mass casualties on a determined enemy, and they did so while awaiting air support and reinforcement denied them by executive fiat.

The defining moment of this tragedy was the time spent by the President and Secretary of State—then, Hillary Clinton—as the fight continued from that rooftop. Rather than attending to the needs of men in the field defending our sovereign real estate, those two instead formulated the campaign of lies attributing the incident to a spontaneous protest rather than a planned terrorist operation. So it was that lesser souls wrote into history the treason of Benghazi with pens dipped in the blood of better men.

Today is Patriot Day, designated as such to commemorate the events of twelve years ago. This year, we also remember the losses of 2012, and demand justice for those that were wronged then as well. Most of all, we should use this day to exhibit the true character of America.

The American Spirit is not the one projected by the current leadership, as the occupants of the Executive Branch and their diplomatic appointees fail to embrace the same ideals as the visionaries who defined the roles and bounds established in our Constitution. One can still find the true faith behind the walls of homes flying the Flag, in the guiding hand of a parent helping a child to place his or her hand properly over the heart, or in the salute of the Colors by those who wear one of the nation’s many uniforms with pride: American pride. Perhaps the best definition of that spirit was provided by English writer D.H. Lawrence, who observed “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

America is indeed that, and our enemies learn whenever they come. We will not be defined by the public face of embarrassment that must be endured until the Ship of State again recovers from its current list to port side. Today serves a warning alongside the remembrances of the morning of September Eleventh.

To whom it may concern: this remains a world of actualities. To dismiss America’s resiliency, while distracted by the spectacle of folly presented via those who fail to embrace the essential strengths of this nation, has proven fatal to more than one variety of enemy in the past. Stand on the ashes of their bones, and consider the lesson offered there.

Choose to Love, -DA