About Dale Amidei


I have lived and written on the wind- and snow-swept Northern Plains of South Dakota, the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, and the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. Novels about people and the perspectives guiding their decisions are the result. My fiction features faith-based themes set in the real world, a place in which one may encounter profanity, violence, and sexual situations.

My characters are realistically portrayed as caught between heaven and earth. Not always what they should be, nor what used to be, they are like all of us. I hope that my work can entertain you, make you think, and touch your heart. My methodology is complex, but my motive is simple: I have things to say, so I write.

The Anvil of the Craftsman (2011)
The Britteridge Heresy (2012)
Killing Doctor Jon (2013)
Operation Naji (2013)
Absinthe and Chocolate (2014)
Romeo Down: A Short Story (2014)
The Bonus Pool (2015)
One Last Scent of Jasmine (2016)
King of a Lesser Hill (2016)
Meat for the Lion (2017)
The Yemeni Package (2018)
A Garden in Russia (2018)
Ghosts of the Republic (2020)
Twenty-Four Hours to Midnight (2020)
Sister’s Shadow (2021)
Two Years With Master Quan (2022)

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Write Dale Amidei c/o Single Candle Press, PO Box 30074, Columbia, MO 65205

The Anvil of the Craftsman elicited a reaction from Tracy Falbe.
It also rated “Excellent” at Lindsay and Jane’s Views and Reviews.
Anvil pegged the needle at The Leisure Zone with a score of 30/30.
Read more in Dale’s Interview with Ashley Barron, author of Ava.
Dale has also sat for an Author Interview with Digital Book Today,
and had other  great interviews with Tara Chevrestt at Book Babe
and Debbie Behan at Writer Whispers.

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