In the Works

The Yemeni Package (Sean’s File Book  4)


The year is 1998. Following a failed attack on a USAF air base, the leader of an emergent and radical Islamic organization is offered to the United States by his captors. Under political oversight in a persona of a beautiful and deadly female case officer and aided by an apostate scholar, a mothballed Air Force Special Operations unit designated Deep Recovery is tapped for the mission. Their task: quietly deliver a captured terrorist, held overseas, into American custody.

Blindsided by the scope of an opposing force drawn from the ranks of a fanatical cult of personality, Daniel Sean Ritter’s mission intensifies once matters turn deadly. A simple detainee transfer then becomes a hunt for the most wanted man in the region.

When resolute leadership in the National Command Authority evaporates, its operators in the field are left diminished and isolated while the issue of who their government wishes to prevail comes into question. Only the sense of duty, honor, and conscience of a warrior will remain as guides toward his destiny.

Package is editing.

A Garden in Russia (Boone’s File Book 5)

To preserve Russian democracy, Boone must protect an accused
assassin’s family.

Garden is queued for editing.





Ghosts of the Republic (Boone’s File Book 6 / Sean’s File Book 5)

To exonerate themselves, InterLynk principals must solve the murder of a disgraced former president.

Ghosts is queued for editing.






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