In the Works

Meat for the Lion (Boone’s File Book 4)


Boone, now a former covert operative, looks forward to a fulfilling marriage, new career, and brighter days. Investigative journalism by one of her country’s most prominent news personalities, however, begins to unravel a thread of actualities thought to have been classified out of existence. Political players also seek to uncover Boone’s past actions: now threats to her new life.

When not only Boone’s people but the servants of the ill-intended and powerful are targeted for elimination, the result is an undeclared war between the keepers and the kept. Forced back into a high-stakes game against international players, she will need to call on all her resources in order to defend those whom she loves against two of the world’s most powerful men.

Lion is in edits for mid-2017 publication.

The Yemeni Package (Sean’s File Book  4)

Daniel Sean Ritter, tasked with retrieving a known terrorist, must determine whether his government wishes him to succeed.

Package is queued for editing.

A Garden in Russia (Boone’s File Book 5)

To preserve Russian democracy, Boone must protect an accused
assassin’s family.

Garden is queued for editing.

Ghosts of the Republic (Boone’s File Book 6 / Sean’s File Book 5)


To exonerate themselves, InterLynk principals must solve the murder of a former president.

Ghosts is queued for editing.

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