In the Works

A Garden in Russia (Boone’s File Book 5)


“Spring brings changes: for Boone, the joy of an expectant mother. For both her country and the Russian Federation, it is a time of healing after tumultuous presidencies reach unexpected ends. But in Moscow, its cause was the deaths of their president and prime minister at the hands of an InterLynk associate.

Supporters of her former president are determined to shore up a legacy of failure in order to preserve the political viability of his party. A resurgent movement in Russia, headed by men who value pragmatism over humanity, takes advantage of political turmoil to pursue a return to governance in the style of the last century’s Cold War. To those ends, all pursue a family—that of the detained, accused assassin—on the run in the Mediterranean: loved ones whose safety is vital to ensure his testimony.

As an international, unavoidable contest of deadly professionals looms, Boone’s challenge is to summon her faith and overcome fears inhibiting decisive action. Justice, integrity of governance, and the narrative of history in two countries await the outcome.”

Garden is editing.

Ghosts of the Republic (Boone’s File Book 6)


To exonerate themselves, InterLynk principals must solve the murder of a disgraced former president.

Ghosts is queued for editing and may be considered an auxiliary title in Sean’s File.




Twenty-four Hours to Midnight (Sean’s File Book 5)

While relocating Farrah’s Anbari family from a 2014 ISIS advance, Ritter encounters ‘one that got away’ during the Iraq War.

24HTM is drafting.





Two Years with Master Quan (Boone’s File Book 7)

In 2004, 22-year-old Rebecca Boone Hildebrandt, PhD, undertakes studies with a Vietnamese master.

2YMQ is queued for drafting.





Sister’s Shadow (Sean’s File Book 6)

Ritter returns to Bosnia when a childhood survivor of civil war confronts ruthless European Union expansionists.

SiS is queued for drafting.







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