In the Works

Ghosts of the Republic (Boone’s File Book 6)


A nation recovering from political upheaval looks forward to a bright future. Hope for continuing renewal diminishes, however, following the murder of a former United States president. InterLynk operatives—including Daniel Sean Ritter and Boone—fall under suspicion after homicides of prominent figures spike inside the Beltway.

Facing an ultimatum from the Director of National Intelligence to find their killers or face the full wrath of America’s covert assets, Peter McAllen’s people devote themselves to a singularly vital mission. Interested parties, ranging from Congressional inquisitors to agents of a spiteful liberal news media, determine to ferret out InterLynk’s every past move and present ally.

Boone and Sean consider an alarming possibility: prime movers are using threats to political stability in the world’s last superpower to institute an opportunistic and constitutional crisis. For all who step into this arena, death will be preferable to defeat.

Ghosts also may be considered an auxiliary title in Sean’s File.


Twenty-Four Hours to Midnight (Sean’s File Book 5)

While relocating Farrah’s Anbari family from a 2013 ISIS advance, Ritter encounters ‘one that got away’ during the Iraq War.

24HTM is queued for editing.





Two Years with Master Quan (Boone’s File Book 7)

In 2004, 22-year-old Rebecca Boone Hildebrandt, PhD, undertakes studies with a Vietnamese master.

2YMQ is queued for editing.





Sister’s Shadow (Sean’s File Book 6)

Ritter returns to Bosnia when a childhood survivor of civil war confronts ruthless European Union expansionists.

SiS is queued for editing.







2 responses to “In the Works

  1. I am soooooo looking forrward to your new books.There can never be enough Dale Amidei books for us to read! Keep fighting the good fight Dale! Former AFSOC aircrew

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