Midterm Retrograde Souls

Peering through reverent fingers, I watch them flourish and fall.”
-Rudyard Kipling, The Gods of the Copybook headings

Nothing is so imprisoning as self-imposed confinement inside walls raised around a false premise. The thralls of a deficient political ideology—one composed of nothing other than an amalgamation of retrograde societal and spiritual influences—daring to label themselves Progressives might comprise the height of irony.

Confirming that the state of affairs consistently falls apart under leftist leadership is a matter of observation. Determining why is an exercise in critical thinking that keeps one out of the barriers raised around embraced (and afterward doggedly institutionalized) folly in the first place.

It wasn’t always like this. In the days long before the Internet enabled the viral spread of absolute idiocy, established norms regulated behavior through social constructs that had endured for millennia. The natural human tendency to point out displayed stupidity and apply appropriate ridicule imprinted a necessarily brutal lesson:  obviously bad ideas are to be quashed rather than granted undeserved respect out of a sense of fairness. Thereby, the weak are chastised and observers edified.

We began our school days with the Pledge of Allegiance instilling the essence of ideological Americanism. What is the prevailing philosophy now?

I pledge allegiance to myself
In a perpetual state of indulgence
One concern, namely me
With inherited grievance and social justice for all?

By now, mere days away from Joe Biden’s first and—hopefully last—midterm election, the stark contrast between effective leadership and wishful thinking has become painfully obvious … akin to staring into a sun lit by the fires of consequence. A corrupt and failing Democratic Party committed interstate conspiracy and dared to subvert the electoral process to install him as doddering political figurehead.

It had to be Joe Biden. No politician with full cognitive health could have withstood the humiliation of knowing how history would view him in retrospect after being elevated by blatant fraud.

Afterward, hubris acquired by the man over the course of decades revealed a would-be tyrant with the diseased mind of a reprobate: one approaching the demented and incoherent end game he’s earned throughout his pathetic, pandering, posturing and plagiarizing career.

I have subjected myself to the playbook of derp that comprises The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret. I found it to be a wish list for an alternate reality and remain amazed that its publication has not provoked Ayn Rand to rise from her grave to claw out the eyes of the authors. Schwab’s World Economic Forum has been behind the grooming and installation of indoctrinated figureheads across Western society for the expressed purpose of advancing globalized government and weakening national identity. What is lacking in the thesis is any data from the real world where these consolidated brainstorms have produced anything but economic ruin and social dysfunction.

In elitist minds such as occupy the WEF, a dystopian hellscape will only produce a more compliant population. Scared and hungry people, to their ruling class mindset, will tend to do as they’re told instead of revolt and hang them from lampposts.

This is how The Way Things Are points out the worst of us: the ones possessing both the compulsion to assume control while lacking the innate ability to deliver the fruits of competent leadership. It’s no wonder their spectrum depends on election fraud and censorship directed at countering narrative rather than their ideology’s ability to prevail in the arena of ideas. Critical thinking is a survival skill, and the motivations propelling of the ego-driven WEF comprise nothing but the fuel for history next ash layer.

They call us Christian Nationalists. That’s how faithless globalized socialists identify their enemies: by identifying and disparaging their virtues.

What the cabal who installed Joe Biden as an alleged president has accomplished thus far into his tenure can hardly be termed progress if he was ever intended to fulfill his Oath of Office in the first place. If their goals are otherwise, yes, progress indeed has been made.

If their goal is to maintain power through perpetually inflating their vote totals via the manipulation of rigged machine counts, they’ve made stellar progress. If they intend to create and leverage societal dysfunction through inherited grievance and groomed intersectional victimhood complexes, they’ve not only made progress, but emerged as the preeminent beneficiary of the elimination of personal responsibility and utter rejection of pursued reverent wisdom.

They’ve built a high castle of wretchedness on a foundation of sand. The results are inevitable and effortless to predict even without bestowed prophecy.

Today’s Democratic Party is beyond pity. Jesus, when he allowed the demons in Luke Ch.8 to enter the herd of pigs, knew they would cast themselves into deep water and drown. The recent departure of Tulsi Gabbard has followed a virtual exodus of conscience from the Democrats. Act upon act of fiscal irresponsibility, resulting economic damage, and faithless treason has exceeded the affiliative capacity of countless Americans who can no longer move with those marching toward the precipice directly in the path of their former party.

What once could pass as ideology on the Left has crossed the boundary between rationality and mental illness. Mental illness needs to be confined and treated, not enabled and affirmed. Otherwise, it progresses until the life fueling the journey is expended, and death wins again.

It’s not the business of the living to allow death another victory. The exception, as the doctrine of Christian warfare decrees to the detriment of the unrighteous, is where preservation of what we defend outweighs the toll extracted by the battlefield.

Today’s Democratic Party, if the Republic is to be preserved, needs to be disempowered to the point of political irrelevance at every level of governance it defiles. The sin nature cultivated in their sphere of influence—the retrograde forces preying on the spiritually dead, irresolute, morally weak, cowardly and otherwise vulnerable—progresses in the same sense of pathology whereby we track the course of any other disease.

There is a cure for every ill. Sometimes the course of treatment is painful. In the worst cases the condition has progressed past the point of no return, which is why avoidance in addressing any serious health concern is unwise.

America isn’t past the point of recovery yet. God willing, should a tidal wave of resentment and dutiful attendance at the polls have an ideologically American resurgence sweep the electoral landscape in November, the ruins of the political Left will stand as a warning to others that no one should ever, ever attempt to assume power through dishonest electoral measures again.

The resulting repudiation might be difficult for Joe Biden to bear. It will be nothing less than the man has earned.

Choose to love, -DA


6 responses to “Midterm Retrograde Souls

  1. Awesome summation, Mr. A. I hope your wishes and mine are realized, come the midterm elections. After that, we can at last begin to recover.
    …and me? I’m going to put Charlie Daniels’ “In America” on the stereo, and then open the windows and jack up the volume.
    “This Lady may have stumbled, but she ain’t never fell ….”
    And she ain’t going to now, either.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. “America isn’t past the point of recovery yet. God willing, should a tidal wave of resentment and dutiful attendance at the polls have an ideologically American resurgence sweep the electoral landscape …..”

    Ahhh … so refreshing to see a ray of common sense and hope among all the bitter black-pills. And of course … prayer.

  3. Your conclusion that “America isn’t past the point of recovery yet” is right on point. I’m of the opinion that we are in a Deuteronomy 30:19 moment
    “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.”
    We have seen bad times & some good times & now bad times again. I see God putting it out there for all to see & choose. I also see a bottom up moral populist uprising happening, thank God.
    I was directed here from the afterward of “Killing Doctor Jon.” I was quite impressed with the series. I read it all in a week. Thank you. I am looking forward to more of your books.

    • Thank you for reading and welcome! I think you’ll find Jon’s Trilogy to be the middle part of the catalog, with Sean’s File and Boone’s File flowing through nicely.

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