Lies in the Information Age

It is the nature of the deluded to lie. Denial of actuality is the primary problem facing those who, for motives either subliminal or ulterior, choose to reject reality and substitute their own insular perspective.

Their problem is that we live in the Information Age. Posers and charlatans may now be uncovered and exposed more easily than at any point in human history. Key word searches and an endless amount of storage space on the Internet make abiding in falsehood a dangerous abode. So why is it a prevalent choice?

The reason is the predilection of those in denial to gather in groups to convince each other there is no reason to worry. Extremism is a symptom of this. Searchers after truth examine all points of view. Each possibility examined, accepted, or rejected through a comparative process, which relates the question to a framework of known truths.

The deluded seek a place to hide, and voices of comfort. Vindication from peers allows delusion to obscure unpleasant realities, and allow the confused to escape those personal qualities which they fear to address. The Internet seems to be their bolthole.

No matter the level to which one sinks, there is an online community of the like-minded, closed off to contrary opinions and dedicated to maintaining their comfort at the expense of developing into a rational adult mind governed by self-assessment. That is dangerous.

Life is real. Actions have consequences. Delaying necessary action for a decade or a lifetime often makes a situation more difficult or impossible address on the individual level. Delusion at such a depth leaves the realm of association for the real world, and manifests itself in poor institutional decision making. Watch the news tonight.

Delusion has the tactic of redirecting blame. It has no dedication to or mechanism for assessing the relationship of action and consequence. It is even less equipped to predict consequence: that ability is the definition of wisdom.

Proverbs 9:10 tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. God, contrary to the assertions of delusion, is an actuality. He has left a relational history with us full of historical proofs that show this. These are not mysteries. They are unhidden except by the deliberate choice to not look. The faithful know that God’s laws are more than the arbitrary suppression of individuality. They are a guardrail that keeps us from a fall.

All souls come to judgment, where the face of God is visible though the eyes clench, and a time when the voice of God is clear though the ears are covered. Only acceptance is possible there, and delusion will vanish. It will have the aftertaste of poison.

Be real. Pay attention. You have this time. It matters an eternity.

Choose to Love, -DA


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